Be proud of your charity’s social media.
By working closely together, we will achieve your social media goals.

Social Media Audit

An in-depth analysis of your social media platforms.

The Social Media Audit is perfect for you if you are already using social media. You will see which activities work well for your organisation. And what to improve or remove.

£200 per platform

Are you dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion?

For an additional £100 per platform you will receive an inclusive Social Media Audit. You will receive tips on how you can be more inclusive. Naturally attracting a more diverse audience.

Social Media Strategy

A step-by-step guide on how your organisation can use social media to achieve its goals. Reducing the time and resources that you are already using trying to figure it all out.

The Social Media Strategy is vital for anyone that wants to raise awareness of their charity’s cause. Whether you need to increase funding or donors, collaborate with other organisations or simply recruit new volunteers, social media will help to achieve your goals.

I align your organisational values to your tailored Social Media Strategy.

From £850 per platform

Social Media Training

A one hour session on a topic of your choice. Training topics are agreed beforehand so that you benefit the most from our sessions.

1 to 1 training – £120
Group training – from £250

I’m here to help you!